Training art Docents


on-site training

After two decades of teaching art in different school districts, Co-Ops and my own art studio I have lots of fun ways to keep your students engaged and focused.   I will come to personally train Art Docents (parent volunteers) and teachers on-site.  Training for using the Color Wheel Art Curriculum can be done in approximately one to two hours.  I have listed all of the topics below that will be discussed.  The training session will go into great detail on how to best teach art to grammar school age students.  


Most of the art lessons are taught using the "Modeling " teaching technique.  Modeling is an instructional strategy in which the teacher/volunteer demonstrates a new concept or approach to learning and students learn by observing.  Whenever a teacher/volunteer demonstrates a concept for a student, that teacher is modeling.

art projects

Most of the art projects are taught using a step by step process.  A few are open ended, creative art projects.  It is suggested you work closely with your teacher as to how much time each art project will be allotted and what is best for your class.

technical level

Each art lesson is broken up by the degree of difficulty.  The art lessons are listed as beginner, moderate or advanced.  By giving the lessons a technical level this helps determine if your students are advanced enough for an art project, or if it should be taught later in the year, when the students are older and more mature.  It can also determine how much time a class will need to complete the art project.

time commitment

The time commitment will depend on the art lesson and the grade level.  The younger students art projects may need more prep before doing the project.  Also, some of the more advanced projects for older students may need more prep before starting the art project. 


The most successful art projects are ones that have been test and have all the prep work done prior to the students setting foot in the classroom.  For this reason all of the art projects have been tested prior to being introduced to the students. 


setting up

 After years of teaching art projects and spending many wasted minutes getting the students ready to start the project I have come up with three successful options to ensure a successful experience.   

art supplies

 Each art lesson has a detailed list of the art supplies that are needed for each project.

it's not fine art, it's fun art

This program was developed to introduce students to a large number of different art mediums and a large variety of artists.    It is meant to give the students the opportunity to express their creativity and create art in a relaxing and positive environment.

time management

When creating art students work at all different speeds.  Some students will rush through the project and insist they are "DONE".  Other students will be happy to spend hours making sure the art project is perfect.  I will help the Art Docents with ways to slow down the fastest artists and speed up the perfectionists.

tips & art tricks

I have a laundry list of ways to help teach Color Wheel Art projects.  It is important to remember, the art does not have to be perfect, it just has to be perfect in the artist's eyes.  

support for art docents

To ensure the program is  a success I am personally available the entire school year by email and will respond to every inquiry within 24 - 48 hours.  Nothing is more important to me than the students having a positive experience creating art.