Lake Forest Elementary


color Wheel Art curriculum pilot program

In the Fall of 2017 Lake Forest Elementary School in El Dorado Hills, California took a survey asking their parents what they wanted them to spend funds on.  Number three on the list was Art.  The Parent Teacher Council president at Lake Forest asked me to write an art program to replace their existing one.  The old program was outdated, had become stale and there was no Transitional Kindergarten (TK) art program.

The first goal for creating a new art program was one that would support Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade.  There were three key areas that I felt needed enhancement.  First, the program had to be in line with the current California Department of Education Visual Art Standards.  Second, it was suggested by a teacher friend that including historical figures into at least one art lesson, per grade would  enhance the students creative and learning experience.  Finally, I found it essential that more women, minority and contemporary artists were included.  

It was also important to introduce the students to a variety of different art supplies and mediums that they would not normally work with.  The program includes cardboard, wood, paper mache, air dry clay, chalk and oil pastels and the best part - a painting on an actual art canvas.

The Color Wheel Art Curriculum was introduced to the faculty and students at Lake Forest in Fall of 2018.   The initial reception was very positive, with a large number of parents offering to  help teach the program.  After Art Docent training the students were excited to start creating art.

The students, teachers and parents were so happy with the Color Wheel Art Curriculum in winter of 2019 The Parent Teacher Council agreed to sign another three year contract to continue working with the program.

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