the color wheel art curriculum


What is it?

  • The Color Wheel Art Curriculum is a comprehensive art program designed to teach art to Transitional Kindergarten (TK)  -  5th Grade.  
  • The art program is divided up by the colors of the rainbow.  
  • Each classroom will receive a color coded binder that includes everything they will need to teach the art program.
  • Each art lesson has full color photographs of the artist, step by step instructions, student's working on the projects, the final project and samples of the artists' work.  
  • There is a detailed biography of the artist, historical figure, art movement or event.
  • The technical level of each art project is included to help the Art Docents (parent volunteers) and Teachers determine how much time is needed for the art project.
  • A detailed list of all art supplies and mediums needed to teach the lesson is also included.
  • Step by step directions on how to teach each art lesson using the Modeling Teaching Technique
  • Tips and art tricks to help Art Docent (parent volunteers) and/or Teachers keep the students engaged and on task when creating their artwork.
  • Training advice to support Art Docents (parent volunteers) and/or Teachers teaching art projects to children
  • List of featured artists that have permanent displays at museums in California
  • Elements and Principals of Art, Definitions and Glossary of Words used in the Art Lessons

how does it work?

  • The art program consists of 12 art lessons for Transitional Kindergarten (TK)  - 5th Grade.  It was designed to introduce students to artists from different countries, eras and who work in  a large variety of different mediums.
  • All of the art lessons and art projects have been tested and are designed to be age appropriate.
  • Each lesson includes an art concept from the California Department of Education Visual Art Standards.
  • Younger students will be taught the basics art concepts and then as the students  get older they will be introduced to more advanced art concepts.
  • The program was written to be taught by Art Docents (parent volunteers) and/or Teachers.
  • No art experience is needed to teach the Color Wheel Art Curriculum.
  • Each grade binder has detailed tips for teaching art, 
  • Recommended on-site training at the beginning of each school year.
  • Prepping before the art projects can save a lot of time and frustration for the students.  The time commitment before each project can range from just collecting the art supplies to tracing templates on a paper or canvas.
  • Most projects are designed to be completed in approximately an hour.
  • The entire art program was developed to be taught by "Modeling".  Modeling is an instructional strategy in which the teacher/volunteer demonstrates a new concept or approach to learning and students learn by observing.  Whenever a teacher/volunteer demonstrates a concept for a student that teacher is modeling.

included in Color Wheel Art Curriculum

  • The Color Wheel Art Curriculum is a one time fee to purchase the art program.
  • In addition each classroom will need to purchase  a Color Wheel binder with all the art lessons and information.  It is printed in full color and on high quality paper.
  • There is an option to purchase an actual physical art project sample so the students, volunteers and teachers can see what the actual finished art project should look like.
  • Art Docent (parent volunteer and Teacher (if needed) on-site training is included each year (recommended 1 -2 hours).
  • On-going customer support is included (email response in 24 - 48 hours).
  • Cost of Art Supplies to be purchased and stored by school


  • One small yearly licensing fee
  • On-going customer support (email response in 24 - 48 hours).
  • Art Docent on- site training (recommend 1 -2 hours).
  • Seven new art lessons included each year (1 per grade)


CONTACT: Jamie Risdon Lentzner

650 759-0102

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