historical figures & events

transitional kindergarten


Transitional Kindergarten students learn about the four presidents featured on Mount Rushmore and what they each represent.



Kindergarten students learn about Betsy Ross and then re-create a collage of the American Flag.

first grade


First grade students learn about the historical and cultural context of the Statue of Liberty and the man who designed it.

second grade


Second Grade students learn about the artist, Emanuel Leutze and his fictional painting of George Washington, plus Caroline Weldon who painted the only portrait of Sitting Bull.

third grade


The third graders will learn about Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross.

fourth grade


Fourth Graders learn about gold miners in California and the California Missions, creating two art projects inspired by the historical curriculum.

fifth grade


Fifth grade students learn about artists who painted Native Americans and then they create a painting on wood of a Native American.