art lessons

transitional kindergarten

Transitional Kindergartners created art inspired by the artist Grandma Moses.

Transitional Kindergartners will learn to create age appropriate art projects, while learning the seven basic art concepts.


Kindergartners paint Starry Night like Vincent Van Gogh.

Kindergarten students will learn about patterns, colors of the rainbow, line, textures, creating collages, 3D construction and how art can be used to express feelings.

first grade

First graders painting of a cat inspired by Romero Britto.

First grade students will be introduced to contemporary artists, illustrators and authors.  The will also learn how to identify shapes and recognize texture in 2D and 3D art.

second grade

Second graders use Q-tips to re-create Claude Monet's Water Lilly painting.

Second grade students will be working with a variety of different art supplies and mediums.  The will learn about abstract art, using warm and cool colors and how artists use their work to  share experience or communicate ideas.

third grade

Third Grade Students paint like American Pop Artist James Rizzi.

Third grade students will be engaged learning about the Masters and Contemporary artists.  The will learn how rhythm and movement is used in art and how to mix and apply paint to create different tints, shades and neutral colors.

fourth grade

Fourth Grade Students paint a California Mission on Wood.

Fourth Grade Students will enjoy a number of different  historical figures and events included in their art lessons. The will also learn how to describe negative an positive shapes, identify complimentary colors and draw in proportion.

fifth grade

Fifth Grade Students learn about artists from different historical periods.

Fifth Grade Students will be creating a large variety of different types of advanced art projects that are inspired by artists from all different genres.  They will create abstract art, use one-point perspective, assemble a found object and study a cultural artist.