buzz about the color wheel


"It went super today! Can't wait to show you....the kids loved it!!!  Today was probably one of my favorite teaching days.  I had 5 adults in the room (a few for some special needs students) and then 2 parent volunteers.  The kids were so into the art and very excited to work with first time working with it also.  The principal, Mr. Peters came in and the school Psychologist came to observe, they thought it was great.  I was so happy today, I would never have thought of using wood....the kids thought it was 'so important and special' I felt like crying!" 

~ Mrs. Shoemake (kindergarten teacher) 

Robert W. Weir View of the Hudson River, Kindergarten Art Lesson

"I loved the art project in which I participated!  The TK lesson on Mary Cassatt was incredible because the students learned about an artist, her style, and then got to recreate a piece of work in her style.  I also loved how the parent volunteers (Art Docents) were so knowledgeable and helpful!"

 ~ Cheryl Holmes (Superintendent of the Rescue School District) 

Mary Cassatt We Are Family, Transitional Kindergarten Art Lesson

"The 4th grade lesson was really fun because the students connected with Toy Story and were excited to create one of their characters.  Students learned how to use oil pastels and also felt pens and water to create a watercolor effect!  Again the parent volunteers were amazing.   Thank you for all support for the parents, providing great enrichment opportunities for the students, and making the learning fun besides!"

~ Cheryl Holmes (Superintendent of the Rescue School District)

Toy Story Little Green Men, 4th Grade Art Lesson

"I helped with the 2nd grade Van Gogh sunflower art lesson in my son, Lorenzo's class.  It turned out awesome - Mrs. Burkhart loved it." 

~ Lauren Oneoto  (parent volunteer)

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers, 2nd Grade Art Lesson

"We had a great first session yesterday in third grade with Chesley went really well!" 

~ Erika Mailman (parent volunteer)

Chesley Bonestell Space the Final Frontier, 3rd Grade Art Lesson

"We did the Yayoi Kusama polka dot lesson in first grade and the kids had fun.  It took about 45 minutes but was perfect because we go to do an art walk in the end." 

~ Stephanie Enbom (parent volunteer)

Yayoi Kusama Polka-Dot Mushrooms, 1st Grade Art Lesson

"It is a very cute project and overall it went really well.  We probably had 45 minutes or so to do the project....we didn't use watercolor due to time but we did use marker and then water.  I think the coolest thing about the project was having a mom tell me that her daughter came home talking about Mary Blair and the details of the art project. "

~ Amber Helms (parent volunteer)

Mary Blair It's a Small World, Kindergarten Art Lesson

"It went really well.  We ran out of time .  So they are going to finish coloring the scales and glue the eyes next week.....the Art Docent (parent volunteer) did a really good job....she even played Japanese music in the background.  The kids liked the fun facts." ~ Jenny Halterman (Color Wheel Liaison)

Hokusai Koi Fish, 4th Grade Art Lesson 

"One of the girls came up to me at the end of class to say thank you and how much fun she had.  It was so sweet."

~ Taryn Sharf (parent volunteer)

 Toy Story Little Green Men, 4th Grade Art Lesson 

"This is the best art I ever made!" 

~ Lucas Grueter (2nd Grade student at Lake Forest Elementary)

Rene Magritte Fruit Face Self Portrait, 2nd Grade Art Lesson

"For the lesson (Maurice Sendak My Monster Art Lesson), the kids loved the freedom of creating their own masterpieces...eyes, nose, mouth and hair.  They also loved the choice of colors. "

~ Stephanie Enbom (parent volunteer)

Maurice Sendak, My Monster, 1st Grade Art Lesson

"Instructions were good for doing the artwork.  I would recommend adding the colors needed for the oil pastels supply list.  Art pockets were super handy.  Dressing up as Frida Kahlo definitely held the attention of the students.  The students knew who Frida was from the movie Coco, so that was a pleasant surprise.  Kids really enjoyed the technique of using baby oil to spread the colors.  We had the teacher do the lesson along with the class, which was great for showing technique."

~ Lisa Rodriquez (parent volunteer)

Friday Kahlo, Monkey See Monkey Do, 2nd Grade Art Lesson