what is it?


what is the color wheel art curriculum?

In September of 2017 I was asked to create an art program for a local elementary school that I had taught art enrichment classes for years.  After teaching art in my children's school,  teaching privately and writing all of my own art lessons I was excited about the opportunity.   For the next 10 months I threw myself into the task of testing new art lessons and re-writing popular art lessons I taught in my art studio. 

The Color Wheel Art Curriculum has 84 original art lessons, designed to engage, entertain and inspire grammar school age children to experiment with art.   

  • The Color Wheel Art Curriculum is a comprehensive Transitional Kindergarten (TK)  - 5th Grade Art Program.

  • The program includes 12 unique art lessons per grade.  

  • Each grade has at least one historical figure or event from their history curriculum.  

  • Female artists, minority artists and contemporary artists are featured prominently in each grade. 

  • The students are encouraged to experiment with a large variety of different art supplies and art mediums.